Florida is the business gateway of the Caribbean, Central and South America. I will work to support business, bridge the skills gap, and grow our workforce.

Florida is in the path of most forming hurricanes.I will work to support legislature that builds resiliency to protect our coastline, our water, air and our communities.

As an owner of a security firm, I work collaboratively with law enforcement and community partners to protect our communities and build trust. I will work to further support bi-partisan reforms to decrease costs associated with the criminal justice system, lower incarceration rates, and make our communities safer in District 107.

I support Medicaid expansion. Billions of federal dollars have been left on the table by our State and I am committed to bringing those dollars into our State and community.

Homes are going into foreclosure to big developers. I will work with lawmakers to adopt anti-gentrification policies to save the disabled and the elderly from losing their homes.